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My name is Janice Mills and I am the owner of All About Clutter.


I am not new to clutter or organizing. Growing up in a family of seven, it was my job to clean the house and deal with the stuff that had accumulated over the week. I found that I enjoyed keeping things organized and still do. Fortunately, my husband loves to be organized too. We have gone through all of the stages as a couple: first apartment, babies (we have two grown children), kids, sports, homework, moving out, moving back, moving house and now we’re empty nesters (Whew!). I know all too well with how easily things arrive or at the office and how it accumulates over time.

When I retired from working with students at a local college, I knew I wanted to continue helping people. But how? I get excited when I see something that needs to be organized, so professional organizing is a logical new career path for me. Many of the skills I developed as an educator and passed along to my adult students are, in fact, essential tools for a professional organizer. I am task and process-oriented, and I enjoy problem-solving. I will take the time to listen, so that I can help you determine your needs and goals. It is incredibly satisfying to assist people and see the results of a well-organized and clutter-free home.


I completed the Professional Organizers in Canada training program and am now a Trained Professional Organizer. I continue to be I am a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (Edmonton Chapter). I am the Education and Resource Advisor for the chapter and am on the executive board. As well, I have successfully completed the Professional Organizing training program offered by QC Design School.




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Janice Mills


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